Citizen's First Pledges

Grover Norquist's Tax Pledge has been enormously successful. The problem is our politicians are making the pledge to a special interest group, and they are doing it in the open and flaunting their dedication to the special interests groups. How is that allowed? It's dishonest, and the worst kind of bribery and extortion imaginable.

It's time our elected official's put our interests, and the interests of the entire country, before their own interests, the aims of their party, and especially the aims of the Special Interests Groups.

If you agree, please ask all your elected officials to sign the appropriate pledge before you elect them.

Here are downloadable .pdf's of the pledges:
House of Representative's:
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Form Version

US Senate:
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Printable Version

State Legislator:
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If any other group took money from a special interest group, and then publicly acknowledged they would vote/act in the interests of the group that gave them the money, they would be in jail for bribery. Why are we letting politicians get away with this? Make them stop this dishonest practice and perversion of the laws of this country